Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On giving thanks

"Gratitude is the best attitude." - Anon

I've already written a post about happiness wherein I assert that a key step to attaining it is having gratitude for what one already has. As we approach the American holiday of Thanksgiving I wanted to share some thoughts:

In the United States we are given an entire day off to reflect on and be grateful for the bounty before us. In that spirit lets each of us take the opportunity, even if only 5 minutes, to take an important step towards happiness and give thanks to someone or something however small. Gratitude is truly the best attitude even in, or perhaps especially in, tough times.

I am certainly grateful for the readership of this blog. I am very thankful for the time you are taking to read these postings and sincerely hope you benefit from something somewhere. Thank you.

If you celebrate this holiday I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! If this is not a holiday for you then I wish you a very happy 5 minutes (or more) of Gratitude!

Additional note: (via the Dan Pink blog, one of my favorite bloggers and current authors)

With 2010 winding down, Dan Pink asked Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith (authors of the book, "The Dragonfly Effect") if they’d answer a question for Pink Blog readers:

“What are three ways people can use the remaining six weeks of the year to both spread their idea and boost their satisfaction?”

Here is their wonderful response - appropriate for this post on gratitude (and happiness!)

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