Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Determining my audience

There's nothing like 2+ weeks away from your normal, daily life to allow for reflection and a chance to approach that life with a new (or at least refreshed) pair of eyes.

Today's post is about this blog itself.

When I registered "On Mentoring" 2 years ago and when I finally started seriously blogging back in June my primary target audience for this blog were other mentors/coaches. I wanted to create a forum for the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas, tips, stories and questions about Mentoring. I believe Mentoring is an inherently good thing - an investment that pays for itself in multiples both personally and professionally. Companies that invest in creating formal or informal mentoring environments, even if it's only to say they support the idea, tend to have happier and more engaged employees. I'm passionate about this area and if I could in some small way contribute to inspiring new mentors or growing the existing base I would be very happy.

My secondary target audience were mentees or mentees-to-be. I also wanted to inspire folks to seek out and find mentors to discover the personal and professional benefits when engaging in a mentoring relationship. As in my case today's mentees would hopefully turn into tomorrow's mentors too!

What I have found over the past six months that most of my audience (from the comments, emails, tweets, questions and personal interactions I receive) are actually "mentees-to-be". Most folks that read this blog seem to be people who'd like to have mentors for themselves but for whatever reason aren't able to find that person and so view me as their mentor. This is an unexpected but positive result!

So my question is: should I turn this primarily into a direct mentoring blog or is what I'm doing sufficient to satisfy both types of audiences? I will anyway always answer all types of questions but the answer to my question will change my approach, writing style and mix of topics to a large extent which is why I'm asking! My concern about this secondary focus is only that there are so many advice blogs out there already. Who really needs another one? Whereas a blog targeted to other mentors appears to me as more of a focused, niche area (and therefore a "good thing" in this very populated blog-o-sphere).

Please send me your advice or thoughts in any manner you feel comfortable - comments on this post, private email (, tweets, etc. I'd appreciate the feedback!

Either way I'll be back next time with one of several posts already underway. Thank you!

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