Sunday, November 18, 2012

Open, Patient & Sharing

Image from: "Leadership Lessons from a Sufi Master" (link below)

From time to time I run into an article, video, blog posting, etc. that so effectively communicates ideas I've shared or considered important that I want to bring it to your attention. I recently came across just such a posting entitled "Leadership Lessons from a Sufi Master" by Don Peppers. It is extremely well written and teaches us 3 lessons through a story of a Sufi master. I'm a huge fan of storytelling as a powerful educational tool and found this article to be well worth reading and sharing with you.

The lessons presented are around being open minded, patient and the importance of sharing. We've discussed the first two qualities on these blog pages before but not so much the sharing aspect.

So today I will keep this posting short and invite you to spend your "blog time" with Don Peppers (click for link to article).


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